Gynecological Services:
Well woman exams,
STD screening and treatment,
Interoffice Colposcopy,
Cryotherapy of the cervix,
Interoffice LEEP procedures,
Interoffice Diagnostic Hysteroscopy,
 Endometrial biopsies,
Endometrial ablations,
 Long and short term reversible contraception (birth control),
Tubal ligations, 
Diagnostic Laparoscopy,
Exploratory Laparotomy,
Treatment of conditions such as irregular menstrual periods,
absent menstruation,
Pelvic pain,
Ovarian cysts,
 Bartholin Gland Cysts/Abscess,
Endometrial and Cervical Polyps

Chronic medical conditions such as; mild asthma, mild depression, mild to moderately controlled high blood pressure & diabetes, etc..

If you do not see a service on this list please contact our office.  This is not a complete list of offered services.

Obstetrics Services:
Management of Normal, High risk pregnancies, C-Sections, Vaginal Deliveries,
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